“His own experience as a dancer for four of America’s premier modern choreographers is deeply embedded in his work; he knows what he wants and is firm about getting there. Moreover, he is by nature an unusually collaborative choreographer –– what you see in his work is not only his ideas, but the yeasty mix of what his dancers contribute based on who they are as individuals.”

– Jake Fuller, Writer and Filmmaker

What We Have To Give (2021)

What We Have To Give is a collection of dances that explains our love and commitment to our art form during the separation caused by the pandemic. We have worked to create truth, beauty, and meaning without being in one another’s physical presence but have relied on what connects us in ways we could not have known. Utilizing the technical means we had access to, we began the collaborative process of crafting a dance. We would reflect on the times, our hardships, and the meaning of the spaces we found ourselves in. The outcome is a collection of solos and one duet that has a stripped down, raw, and honest value.

In The Garden (2020)

In The Garden is the exploration of our life cycle. It dwells on the questions we ask ourselves as we move through this continuum. And it immerses us in the natural, authentic aspects of our creative growth. This is the initial solo of what will evolve into a larger group work. In this piece, the dancer performs to a soundscape that was composed by asking her several questions. Her answers have been combined, layered and manipulated and serves as the environment for her narrative. The vision being that she is immersed in the garden.

Conundrum (2019)

Conundrum has been and continues to be everything the name suggests. The limitations and restrictions this dance places upon the dancers. The perceptions we have of one another that are mostly unfounded. But this is a piece with 4 young women. Women who are making statements about breaking barriers supporting one another and finally becoming a force and experience the joy of going through their power.

Assuage (2018)

The word assuage means to make something that is burdensome and painful less severe. Assuage was created as a dramatic duet in which the couple attempts to connect and resolve the physical and emotional obstacles of their relationship. The music drives the movement into a frenetic ending that allows for multiple conclusions. The irony of this work is that its title is never achieved.

Saturday Mornings (2016)

I was one of the fortunate ones, who, when young, had a grandfather who loved me and who chose to share his invaluable expertise with me.  I, in turn, returned the love and adoration, and was a willing student – today, attributing much of my determination, discipline, patience and perseverance to his enduring guidance.

He was my teacher, a trusted confidant and a safe haven, and I don’t know if he ever knew just how much of a gift he gave me when he started me on my path toward keeping mind and body as healthy as can be. 

Today, I often think of him.  He was the Master and I was the Student.  
I worked hard to become proficient…and then there was the day when…


5 Studies Between a Waiter and a Businesswoman (1985)

This piece is about the simple interactions you have with people you don’t know. It focuses on the sort of subjective judgments you make about those people when you really don’t know what they are capable of. Peter picked a waiter and a business woman because this scenario is part of the innocuous life we live every day. The waiter is working in a restaurant, but from a professional standpoint, he could be something else, which could also be true of the business woman. As the piece goes on, the two characters shed their characters and become narrower. They start to see something that is common between them and they become closer.

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