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Choreography: Peter Stathas and Dancers

# of Dancers: 1

Length: TBD

Music: Text: Paulina Meneses, Live score: Taavi Haapala

Costume Design: Leslie Vaglica

Scenic Design: Anthony Fernandez

Premiere: 2020, Gibney POP Series, Gibney Theater NY, NY

Original Cast: Paulina Meneses

In the Garden (2020)

In The Garden is the exploration of our life cycle. It dwells on the questions we ask ourselves as we move through this continuum. And it immerses us in the natural, authentic aspects of our creative growth. This is the initial solo of what will evolve into a larger group work. In this piece, the dancer performs to a soundscape that was composed by asking her several questions. Her answers have been combined, layered and manipulated and serves as the environment for her narrative. The vision being that she is immersed in the garden.