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5 Studies Between a Waiter and a Businesswoman

# of Dancers: 2

Length: 12 minutes 50 seconds

Music: Penguin Cafe Orchestra- Telephone and Rubber Band, Cutting Branches For a Temporary Shelter, Harmonic Necklace, Pythagoras’s Trousers, Zopf: From The Colonies 

Costume Design: Peter Stathas

Lighting Design: Peter Stathas

Premiere: December 1985, The Strand Theatre, Boston, MA

Original Cast: Peter Stathas, Bill Doolin

5 Studies Between a Waiter and a Businesswoman (1985)

This piece is about the simple interactions you have with people you don’t know. It focuses on the sort of subjective judgments you make about those people when you really don’t know what they are capable of. Peter picked a waiter and a business woman because this scenario is part of the innocuous life we live every day. The waiter is working in a restaurant, but from a professional standpoint, he could be something else, which could also be true of the business woman. As the piece goes on, the two characters shed their characters and become narrower. They start to see something that is common between them and they become closer.