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Saturday Mornings

Choreography and Direction: Peter Stathas, Isabelle Kralj, and Mark Anderson

# of Dancers: 1

Length: 12 min 30 seconds 

Text: Peter Stathas

Music: Erik Satie, Pieces Froids

Costume Design: Peter Stathas

Lighting Design: Mike Van Dreser

Premiere: October 2016, Next Act Theatre, Milwaukee, WI

Original Cast: Peter Stathas

Saturday Mornings (2016)

I was one of the fortunate ones, who, when young, had a grandfather who loved me and who chose to share his invaluable expertise with me. I, in turn, returned the love and adoration, and was a willing student – today, attributing much of my determination, discipline, patience and perseverance to his enduring guidance.

He was my teacher, a trusted confidant and a safe haven, and I don’t know if he ever knew just how much of a gift he gave me when he started me on my path toward keeping mind and body as healthy as can be.

Today, I often think of him. He was the Master and I was the Student.  
I worked hard to become proficient…and then there was the day when…