October 14th, 5pm – 8pm

The Sugar Creek Barn, W5907 Pierce Rd. Elkhorn, WI 53121

The Barn Project is an annual residency held at The Sugar Creek Barn in Elkhorn, WI that serves as an opportunity to reconnect, rediscover, and re-engage with one another, to harness our artistry and creativity, and to live into our mission of engaging and connecting with artists from different communities. It is through this project that Peter Stathas Dance has established a platform for the Company to cultivate our artistic presence here in Wisconsin as well as provide the community opportunities to experience high caliber dance. Since the inception of The Barn Project in 2021, Peter Stathas Dance has created 5 new works and hosted 4 choreographers from NYC, Chicago, and Milwaukee. 

This year’s focus is on process- the how’s and why’s of dance making. 

This year, our third annual Barn Project will culminate in an evening of live music, dance, and community. Join us in experiencing the diversity and magic of dance, connecting with different members and peers in the community over food and drinks, and gaining a new perspective on how art and life are intertwined. We are thrilled to be hosting 3 choreographers at this year’s residency:  Christal Wagner– artistic director of Danceworks Milwaukee, Amy Wilkinson professor/educator in dance at Loyola University, and Concert Dance Chicago– directed by Venetia Stifler.

What We’re Working On:


The Company’s latest project, Lightness of Being, examines our relationship with extinction- to that which no longer or partially exists and the parallel sense of loss, the state of grief when deprived of something we value. Drawing from the phenomena of the sixth extinction, driven by human activity, primarily (though not limited to) the unsustainable use of land, water and energy that contribute to climate change, we examine our desire to control and manipulate our environment. As a society, how do we address the forces that cause these issues, and personally confront and process them within ourselves. It is our hope to overcome these forces and restore our lightness of being.

The Company will also be working on reconstructing our signature piece Conundrum in its entirety. Conundrum has been and continues to be everything the name suggests. It is a conversation between the limitations and restrictions this dance places upon the dancers, the perceptions we have of one another that are mostly unfounded, and the desire to discover who we want to be. Ultimately, this piece is about people who are on a journey of pushing through barriers, embracing change, and discovering their power.

We Need You!

As a growing non-profit, we rely on your support for:

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Peter is an incredibly observant person and chooses to live life in the moment. Without your generous support, we would not be able to safely immerse ourselves in our art in the present, and carry out the mission of Peter Stathas Dance in the future. We hope you to see you are the Barn!